Monday, May 21, 2012

Watch out for snakes

*** employee Mike W... was at home last Thursday night and was walking from his barn to his house when he was bit by a copper head snake. He went to the doctor and is still out from the snake bite. The picture above is a snake that was above the door where you walk into the office from the control room side at W..... Plant. Snakes or out and on the move, pay attention at work as well as at home so this don’t happen to you.

This is the door my husband walks through to go to the control room. Yikes.
My husband also said that the guys at work said to be careful around the plants in the garden as the copperheads like to nestle under the plants.

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loves2spin said...

Oh, no! Fortunately, where we live, the only snakes in the garden are harmless. The vipers live around here, but are not near our living quarters. I hope your friend will fully recover.