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Missionary Update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, May 17, 2012

“Saving a life”
My new team of visitors packed up and we drove out of Pemba at 5:00a.m. Sunday. We got to the house, unloaded the pick-up, and headed to church at 9a.m. Balbina, a foster mother, asked for prayer for our newest arrival, 3 month old Ortencia. One look at the baby told me she had serious malaria, so off we prayed and then rushed her to the hospital. Kaylan, a nursing student from Concordia in Austin went with me, getting her first experience in how we treat a semi-comatose malaria case.
The ER was quiet, and one of their best nurses was on duty. Ortencia’s finger stick malaria test was positive, and she was very dehydrated from the fever. The nurse sent a runner to fetch their best pediatric nurse, as he couldn’t get the IV started. We prayed. The Peds nurse got the IV in on the 2nd stick. PTL! Ortencia is semi-comatose, only slightly responding to pain. Quinine injectable is given, and she is watched carefully for seizures. Now we wait.
Two mothers are needed to watch over a baby in the hospital, so I rush back to the church which was just letting out. Finding Dominica, our Women’s Pastor, we locate another widow in our program willing to help out at the hospital. Fetching her some food, and 10 gallons (40 liters) of WATER we head back to the hospital. (The new water well we just drilled to help the hospital isn’t ready for use as the cement must harden for a week before the pump can be put in).
Now that the baby’s needs are covered, we have to find a 2nd mother to stay with the other orphans at Balbina’s house. She has older girls, so we just needed someone to keep them on schedule.

By this time, it’s late afternoon and Ortencia is now AWAKE and taking a bottle. We PTL for His mercy on this precious little one.
On Tuesday at noon, she was released from the hospital, looking her chipper self again.
We praise the Lord for her fast recovery, and for getting us home that morning fromPemba without delay, so that I saw the child in time to help her.
An infant under 3 months has little resistance to malaria, and things can turn critical very quickly.
The mother thinks the child is just sleeping, not realizing they are comatose, and death follows rapidly.
Few are saved once they reach the comatose stage, and we were very close to that.

We are very grateful for this miracle from our Lord, as we know HE is the Great Physician, and the ONLY ONE who can save those that man can’t. Such is the case with Ortencia. THANK YOU JESUS!

Fully loaded with cement, truck tires, and 2 huge “rear” tractor tires, Manuel drove the new truck into our mission station just after dark on Monday. Eric drove in just ahead of him with a fully loaded pick-up and trailer. The national capital is full of the supplies that aren’t available in our area. Eric took the team to a new shopping mall in Maputo that has a glass elevator and an escalator. The guys were shocked and wide eyed at the “stairs that moved” and the “box that went up and down”. The most they knew about was 4 story buildings with stairs. I’m sure they were called liars by their family that night when they told them the stories of what they say.

Tuesday was unloading day, and Eric immediately put the truck to work, bringing in 2, 7 ton loads of beans from the Mango Tree Warehouse.
(The new truck has a great spring l oaded seat, very comfy, even on bad roads, and you know how men can be with their new toys!)

So he put it to the test, and it got many “wows” as he drove through the village.
It is one sharp looking truck with a turbo engine, not even straining under a maximum load.
Jesus gave us this truck through a very generous family in Dallas, TX.

Saying Thank You to them hardly seems adequate, but we are MOST GRATEFUL for their sincere hearts for serving Jesus.
Their crowns are stored in heaven, as I know they gave sacrificially to make this happen.
We PRAISE THE LORD for ALL HE gives us through many generous donors, so that others may live and know the truth about HIM, the Alpha and the Omega!
Don Hitsman and Kaylan Vollmering arrived last Saturday, and have worked hard all week to get the warehouses and equipment ready for the massive processing and sacking of over 500 TONS of corn and beans. Our bean buying is almost finished. Our barn contains 90 TONS already! Another 20 TONS will flow in by the 19th to complete what is needed.
This Saturday, May 19th, I will pick up David Abel, Kansas State Un., and Bryce Vaughn, Nebraska State Un., (both Agriculture majors) who are also part of the food buying team.
A dear friend of mine, Dave VanderGriend, who is in the area on business, will meet us in Pemba on Saturday for a quick 3 day visit to observe our Balama program.
It is an honor to have ALL these wonderful people give up their personal time to bring the Love o f Jesus to the orphans and widows in our area.
Blessings to all of you and thank you for helping us to help those in need.
Bush Bunny Brenda and the Balama Team





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