Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laundry mat

I have started having to wash our clothes at the laundry mat because the rust in the water here is so bad that it makes all our clothes look dirty and dingy.  I did make my own laundry soap and fabric softener so that will help a little bit.
When I go to the laundry mat I use the large washers that hold 3 loads of wash and only put 2 loads in them.  I save 75 cents doing that and that pays for the drying which costs about 50 cents each double load to dry.  The prices are fair at least at this local laundry mat although I am not impressed with the cleanliness.
I usually bring some kind of hand work to do while I sit and wait such as embroidery or crochet.  I also like to people watch.

 Last time there was a gal there with the words w h i t e  p o w e r down the side of her leg.  She was with another white gal who was with a black man.  Didn't make sense to me but ok.  The other gal (I hesitate to call either of them ladies) lifted her blouse so the guy could see what size bra she wore.  I don't know if she was going to search through the washers to find new bras or what.  It seemed to me it could of waited until they got home or at least to the car, after all, there was no bra shopping to be had in the laundry mat.

Our new house has its own well and a water treatment system so hopefully we wont have rust in the water there.

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loves2spin said...

Sigh.... I don't like going to laundromats, and that's for sure. It almost sounds as if you were not safe! My momma used to put several layers of cloth over the hose where the water came out into her wringer washer to help catch the rust. It really made a difference. She's hold it on with big rubber bands.