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Missionary update


Subject: Blog, August 26, 2012

Date: August 26, 2012 6:03:38 AM CDT




Today, we located Dollar's Mom with her burned arm. She had returned to

her mud hut after running away from the hospital where she refused the

operation that would have saved her burnt arm and hand. She has now

developed Gangrene in her right hand, and the future is very limited for

her. Her husband has abandoned her completely, so we found her and her

2 year old son without food or hope when we arrived. Our Pequaria

Pastor convinced her to go with us for treatment, but when we got her to

the hospital, she once again refused to allow them to operate. There is

no hope for her survival without the operation, and there is nothing we

can do but make her comfortable for the time she has left. So we gave

her food and took her back to her mud hut. Tomas,our Pequaria Pastor,

will make sure that food is delivered to her, so they won't go hungry.

Our main concern is to help the 2 year old to survive.

Dollar will remain with us, and his 2 year old brother will probably

join us once he is orphaned.

It is very sad when people contribute to their own death through a lack

of knowledge and superstition. But it is especially sad when the

children are the only ones left to suffer the trauma of being abandoned

and finally orphaned.

Keep this family in prayer this week, I'm surprised the mother could

still function in the condition she is in. Our pastor is doing his best

to show her the way to eternal salvation.
With 30+ adults and 100+ kids today, we had a GREAT church meeting!

New Converts included 19 children/teenagers, and 7 adults.

The men started building their new mud brick church, and a tin roof has

been donated for when the building is complete.
One of today's new salvations was a mother with a naked baby, and 1 small

toddler boy. She came wearing only the ragged remains of a t-shirt and an

old worn out piece of cloth for a skirt. I could see every rib bone, as

she is very malnourished (as are the children). Pastor Ramadan told me

she has no food in her home and that she is truly one of the poorest of

all the poor in Namara. After church, the Pastor himself donated food to

her, and will buy her and the baby some cloths with today's church

offering of $2.
One thing I can say for sure about this church. The members have true

"Jesus hearts", and share what they have with those in need.

We taught them from the begiining that we must do "what Jesus would do".

They grabbed that reality immediately and have walked in it daily.
Next week, we will go to Namara bearing gifts of food and other items

needed by this family, and several other widows in the church who lack


This is YOUR LOVE GIFTS in action, and it is a pleasure to be the one able

to deliver what you freely give.

1. Fatima's house is finished and our tractor will head deep into the bush

on Monday to fetch 100 4X4 building beams for the new tin roof. Around

here if you want to build something, you have to contract cutters to go

cut the trees, and then cut those trees into 4X4's with 2 man saw.
2. ZITO is walking better with his crutches, and his 4 leg and arm ulcers

are healing nicely.
3. Little Calca, the goat who broke his leg, is now walking on all 4's.

YEAH! Lots of our Mamma goats are literally waddling, as they near their

time to POP OUT new babies in the next few weeks.
3. Baby Dixon, who is featured on our new prayer card, is chubby and cute

and sitting up on his own. His neck muscles are a bit weak but he's

getting stronger by the day. My secreatry, Linda Ferguson, is in the

process of sending these magnetized prayer cards to all our supporters

from 2011 and 2012.

If you are a new prayer partner, please notify Linda if you do not get

one in the next few weeks. (Reply to the address on this blog).
4. Elephant Village received it's 2nd food handout last Friday. The kids

are all looking healthy and happy, but that wouldn't be the case without

your help. The elephants once again took most of their harvest even

though they tried to defend it with fire. Standing next to a tame

elephant is nerve racking enough (as I've even ridden them), BUT facing a

small hungry herd with nothing but a flamming torch TAKES GUTS! (some

would say insanity). They are very distructive and deadly when hungry.
That's all for this week.

Keep in touch, as I love hearing from you and PLEASE check out our new

website! You'll love the "slide show" on the front page.

Blessings, BBB and Leona

Eric is still wading through our shopping list in South Africa, but will

return to us in mid Sept.

The new website is still being perfected. It will continue to change and grow during the coming days. We think you'll like it. Come pay us a visit.

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