Sunday, August 5, 2012

Missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, Sunday August 5, 2012

Date: August 5, 2012 6:49:50 AM CDT


Our Namara church was a lively one with much praise and dancing today as 80 + people attended. SIX attendees were youth from the Jesus Film showing.

But obedience brought forth the “ wonderful happening” that you are about to read about.

At 6a.m. this morning, my guards and I were picking up a sacks of corn and beans for ZITO, the little boy with the cripple leg in Namara, when I felt the Lord impressed on me to take an extra bag of corn and some beans plus plates, pans, and cups for a widow I would meet at the church. I had no idea who it was, and said nothing to Pastor Alberto who went with me today. At the salvation invitation, a woman came forward to accept Christ and was accompanied by 4 little girls. I was told they had just arrived from Beira, a city 500 miles away. Both parents of these 4 girl, ages 2 to 10, had died and this woman, their aunt, was the only living relative. She was staying with the chief of the village, who told her about us and our church. It was not hard to tell that the “aunt” was totally overwhelmed with this new responsibility. This precious family of orphaned girls were given the food and all our gifts and the aunt was totally taken by surprise. It was a great testimony when I told the church how important it is to be “obedient” when God speaks to you about something. God knew this family was in need and heard their prayers long before I even knew they existed. The relief on the aunt’s face was the only thanks needed.

In fact, he is crawling on all fours, exercising, and gaining weight, thanks to the high protein diet he now eats. He is determined to walk, and truly believes that Jesus will heal him as he does what he can to get stronger. He says he is ready to try the small, light-weight crutches that Eric donated to him.

So next week, we will take them and teach him how to use them.

After the Namara church, we dropped in on the end of the service for the Pequaria church, just 4 miles away.

Pastor Tomas introduced me to a new believer, who had just moved from Namara with his family. But the wife was very ill as fell into their cook fire on Friday during an epileptic attack. This family with 2 little boys has nothing but a few rags on their backs. I grabbed my backpack and we walked immediately to their hut to visit and pray for her.

One look at her 2nd and 3rd degree burns covering her right arm and hand, told me nothing I had in my bag of medicine would help. The husband agreed to let us take all of them to the Balama hospital, so we loaded her up and off we went, as her wound is badly infected. We left her at the emergency room getting the proper treatment, and then turned our attention to the father and children. By this time, the 2 year old was crying with hunger. Food, blankets, and a mat to sleep on were provided and now this father and his children will stay under the “waiting tree” where all those who have family in the hospital sit and visit. We will visit them daily for prayer and emotional support until she is healed.
More next week, so stay tuned as this Jesus saga never ends.

Blessings from Bush Bunny Brenda and Linda Stanley
P.S. Linda needs prayer coverage for her travels from Balama back to the USA. She leaves Tuesday and will be in the USA by Thursday.
Leona will also be traveling back to Balama with me on that Wednesday.

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