Friday, June 3, 2016

Its just a pile of ashes now

My sister Judy is a professional photographer.  A few years ago she moved a train depot to her farm and remodeled it into a photography studio.  She also had a building type thing where she had outside sets made up to take pic.  She also took pictures in the wheat field and woods and any place she found that looked good.

Last week their wheat got hailed out then the milo they had just planted got flooded out.  Then lightning struck her studio and burned it to the ground.  You can see in the following photograph her husband trying to keep the propane tank from exploding.  Thank God it didn't go or he would have been killed.  They also worked all night to keep their home from going up in flames.  They have a tin roof and they think that helped keep the fire from burning their house down because the siding was scorched and there were even burnt spots in the grass on the opposite side of the house.

Of course there was smoke damage in the house to the tune of almost $20,000.00  Yes they have insurance but for an amount far less than it would take to rebuild and replace.  She now has the decision of weather she wants to start over or retire.  I vote retire.  Its time.  Life is short.

I cant imagine the heartache she is feeling.  Every camera except one, all the photographs, film, negatives, computers, props and so on.  Its just awful.

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Yolanda said...

Oh.... that's so sad!