Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Amish supper plates

When I went on this last trip driving the Amish, I had to opportunity to eat a few meals with them.  They all used these bowl/plate dishes they called supper plates.  I found some in an Amish store we stopped at and bought 4.  I wish I had bought several more, we really like them.  The ones at the Amish homes were more plain in color so when I found these I was quite pleased.

                                               This is the store where I bought the plates/bowls.  I paid $3.59 each for them.
They are about 7 inches across.

                                                     And 1-1/2 inches high.
My Amish friend Simon is looking to see if he can order more for me.  I hope he can get the pretty ones.


Anonymous said...

Those look lovely and very nice for eating. Please let me know if you find a source for them!

Melissa said...

Nolts, our local bulk food store in Lowville, NY has the same ones. They have the blue ones and green ones. They are about $4 and are pretty big, I think they are more pale blue/pale green with blue/green darker patches.