Friday, June 3, 2016


My mom and my sister Roberta were spared from too much damage from the 9 tornados that tore around Dodge City Kansas. 
 My brother in law holding some huge hail.

 These twisters were just half a mile from my moms farm.  Her farm is across the road behind this race track.
 This was taken from my sisters garage.  That is way too close if you ask me.  I guess Wayne and my niece Nickitta were in the garage taking pictures and the rest of the family was in the basement.
Another huge hail stone.

                                                          What a huge storm.  Oh my.

                                              Too close for comfort if you ask me.

                                            My family was safe.  A classmate was not so fortunate.
Her home and barn were completely destroyed.  But she and her husband and dogs were in their storm shelter so they were safe.  The tornado even bent the steel door on their storm shelter.

The weather has been tough lately.  But the grace of God has kept my family safe even if they have suffered some losses.

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Yolanda said...

wow... so glad you are safe.