Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stamping bookmarks

Hannah brought Pamela and Nancy over today.  We really enjoy it when they come for a visit.  They have such fun and happy personalities. 

Today when they came over I had them stamp some book marks I had made up.  They did a really good job.  They picked a few out to take home but the rest I will keep and send when I send out greeting cards.  Maybe you will be fortunate to receive a book mark stamped by these delightful girls.
 Hannah didn't get in the picture but we were sure having a fun time.  Its always fun when Pamela and Nancy come for a visit.

 Nancy is showing some of the book marks she made.  She did a really good job making them. 

 Pamela showed quite a bit of creativity stamping her book marks.  They all kept me busy because I was the designated stamp cleaner.  They made sure to use lots of different stamps and lots of different colors so the book marks would turn out fun and bright.

You can tell we were having a good time.  Next time I might try to have some cards ready for them to stamp.  They do such a good job and we have a good time together.

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