Friday, June 3, 2016

We took a little trip

Jeff and I spent 10 days in Branson visiting 3 of our daughters who live there.  We were able to attend my grandsons 2nd birthday party as well as see two shows.  It was a good time but maybe a little too long.

One beautiful evening we went to Table rock lake where the girls enjoyed the waves sitting on the dock and the sunset.  Mollie, Joy and one of our granddaughters, Courtney.

Isnt this a neat picture of Joy?  She is enjoying the sunset.

We got to see the production show of Moses.  It was great.  They even offered to pray with anyone after the show who wanted prayer.  I loved it.

Jasper got a 4wheeler from his folks.  I think he will have a ton of fun with it.


It rained so Kastyns t-ball game was cancelled but this is her the next week.  She is really growing up.

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