Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Buckwheat pillow

I made a buckwheat pillow. I'm at the lovely age where I get so hot at night that I don't sleep well, add to that my recent tummy trouble and I end up without much sleep. I like my sleep girls (and Wayne). So, I used 4 pounds of buckwheat and made a pillow. It's smaller than a regular pillow but big enough.
Last night was my first night to sleep on it and I'm sold. I wish I had remembered to add some lavender but I forgot.
It makes a little noise when you turn or move it but it's ok.
I'll take a picture of it later and add it to this post.
If I continue to sleep so well I'm going to be a happy girl.

Pillow is approximately 18 inches by 18 inches.  I just used a regular pillow case over it and folded it over.
I bought the buckwheat from my Amish friend who has a mail order botanical store.  I paid $4.10 per pound of buckwheat and used four pounds. 
If you are interested in ordering botanicals and spices here is the information you will need.
South Texas Botanicals
4156 Gaitan Lane
Beeville, Texas 78102
This is a mail order business only so you will first have to write and ask for a catalog, then once you get your catalog you can mail your order in.  It takes several weeks.  We live in a time where we are not used to things taking so long so be prepared.
I usually drive out there and hand him my order and then tell him I can come back in a few days to pick it up.  This is not normal practice and he does it because we are friends.  He does not have a phone or a store front and he doesn't take credit cards.  If I am in a big hurry for something he will go ahead and get it for me right then.  I try not to ask for that because its not polite in my opinion.

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