Monday, January 23, 2017

I fixed my sewing room chair.

I have been wanting to fix my sewing room chair for a while now.  It would slowly get lower and lower until I had to stand up and pull the handle to raise it.  Jeff said to order a new one but I wanted to try something first.

I went out to the shed and got a piece of big pvc pipe.  I cut it ten inches long and washed it up.  Then I took the bottom part off the chair and slipped the pvc pipe over the post of the chair.  I replaced the bottom of the chair, taped the little piece that holds it on and flipped it over.

I think it will work.  I wont be able to lower the chair but that is okay.  I always had to make the chair higher for my long legs.

I'm happy that I fixed the chair in about 15 minutes using stuff we had around the place and saved who knows how much on a new chair. 

That is my frugal fix for today and I'm hoping it works because I'm pretty proud of myself.

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