Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Price book

Years ago I kept a price book.  I wrote down the size and price of groceries when I bought them along with the name of the store I shopped at.  I had let that habit go and decided its time to make a new one.

  Next time we go to Sam's I want to write down the prices of the items I buy often.  Then I will compare them to the prices I can get with Amazon prime.  If I can get the same price and not have to go to the store I will sure be doing that.  We live quite far away from stores, and that is the way I like it but it does make shopping harder.  We have learned though to go early in the morning and get it done and get home before all the crazy people go out shopping.  We call them crazy because none of us like crowds and you will not find us among the holiday shopper frenzy. 

Do you keep a price book?

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