Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Giant Paper Clips

Today I embellished these giant paper clips.  They are 4 inches long.  I think they will work very well in my planner.  Of course I will pick a favorite or two to use and Joy wants a couple.  The rest will most likely find homes soon too. 

To make I cut the shank off the back of the buttons with a side cutter plier thing.  Then I cut a piece of felt just smaller than the button.  I laid the felt down then the paper clip (making sure to place it so that it can be slipped over paper) (you don't want to glue the button to the wrong end), then I put some E6000 glue on the button and placed it on the paper clip and felt.  I then picked the paper clip up carefully and pressed the felt on real good.  Now they are laying in a place where they wont be disturbed for the next several hours.

I would take better pictures but I don't want to disturb the paper clips until they are good and dry.

 CAN YOU BELIEVE TOMORROW IS FEBURARY FIRST?  What happened to January?  I think it only lasted two weeks instead of four.  I must be getting old  because time sure flies.  If I was ninety years old I bet I would get up and  it would be the next day before lunch.  He ha


Lani said...

I love the paper clips. Bet you could sell them as book marks.

loves2spin said...

They are very pretty!