Monday, March 26, 2012

Letter from the future

Letter from the future to All Christian Ministers and their Congregations.

.by David Roberts on Sunday, 25 March 2012 at 21:36 ·

.It is 2016 and your search for a youth minister to replace the previous one is not going well. The first two seemed like such a perfect fit, the families and children liked them both. Unfortunately, neither one passed the required DOJ licensing requirements to work in Christian Ministry. Something about both of them participating in a Pro-Life rally in 2012 and radicals like that cannot be hired by a congregation who wants to keep their tax exempt status.

You had seen the results of those "purists" who insisted that as a minister, they still had the right to speak their mind, preach the Word accurately. The congregations were forcibly disbanded as a hate group, the buildings were confiscated, one is a Mosque now, the other is a government reeducation center. The ministers and their families, and a few of the more vocal members were incarcerated three years ago as enemies of the state. Their homes, funds and more were taken and given to pro-gay counselors to reimburse them for the therapy needed by those who heard the preachers teach that homosexuality is a sin. To date, there is no trial scheduled for any of those involved.

No, in 2012 and before, it was just easier to preach the Beatitudes, the Ten Commandments and selected portions of Scripture. After all, before it was about not offending people, keeping those tithers and contributors happy so it was easy to skip the hard subjects. Now, well it's just not worth it. You lose your job, your home, your freedom. It's just better to stick to the easy subjects. Forget sin, forget sacrifice, stay under the radar.

God forbid that your congregation get targeted by the CAIR organization and end up with vandalized property, or with a visiting Islamist who kills members of the church in protest. No, it's just best to keep searching for your future youth, preaching or music minister under the auspices of the Department of Justice guidelines and don't rock the boat. Keep your focus on Social Justice, Collective Salvation and redistribution of wealth and toss that unnecessary bothersome message that excludes so many people from Heaven.

After all, when it was still protected, Free Speech gave you the right to preach the Gospel. But Free Speech had to go, and we all stood silent.

When it was still protected, the Right to Bear Arms meant that a tyrannical government was held in check, lest they forget they were a government of the people. But it had to go, after all, it was for the children's sake and we all stood silent.

When it was still protected, the Third Amendment guaranteed that our private homes were our private homes and no one could be forced to allow soldiers to live with them. How unfair was that? Now, with the Agenda 21, any greedy individual with more rooms than he or she needs must give one or two of those rooms over to house the unfortunate. But we all stood silent.

When it was still protected, the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendments required law enforcement to have a warrant to search your home, your car or your office and if arrested you did not have to testify against yourself. You had a right to a speedy trial, by a jury of your peers. But when NDAA passed it assured us that only those who the government considered a threat would be arrested without a trial, without a warrant, and without a trial of any kind. Justice moves so fast now. But we all stood silent.

As each right enumerated in the Constitution evaporated, we stayed silent. We capitulated. We didn't want to risk our tax exempt status, didn't want to offend members of the church or our community. So as we look around at life for the Christian minister in 2016, look to the past. Look to those who refused to take a stand for those rights and thank them wholeheartedly for freeing you from the responsibilty and the hassle of teaching and preaching the truth. Thank them for accepting Social Justice as the job of the church, after all, the Gospel never fed anyone. Did it?



Kaleena Kay said...

Sounds like some churches I have heard of that aren't preaching the hard stuff now. Only the uplifting, and hopeful stuff.

Humble wife said...

Powerful Debbie!