Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I am looking for a 1950 Singer 318W sewing machine. Do you or anyone you know have one in good working order for sale? If so please let me know. Thanks.


loves2spin said...

No, but I have one of those singer slant-o-matic machines we need to sell. It just needs a small repair that my husband can probably do. What is the one you want like?

debbieo said...

I dont know what a slant-o-matic is. I just want a machine I can convert to treadle. I would need to take the motor and light off if its exterior and be able to use the treadle belt with it. I want to be able to do more than just a straight stitch like my treadle machine makes. I want my treadle to be my machine for most things.

loves2spin said...

I see. I hope you can find something! I have a treadle. Originally it was a singer, but the machine was very old and rusty and I found an old Japanese made machine that my husband easily converted to the treadle. It works very nicely. I use electric most of the time, because I sew for a living and really need the zig zag, etc. but I also really enjoy sewing on the treadle machine.