Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh Thank You So Much

I like to sew and crochet. I make many pot holders, dish cloths and other things. These things are mostly given away, traded or sometimes sold. Rarely do I give myself these things. Many times I would love to have some of the things I make but I give them away instead. Today I decided to throw away my old worn out pot holders and give myself a pretty set of new pot holders. I wonder why I don't do that more often?


Goose Hill Farm said...

You are a very talented lady....your pot holders are beautiful!

I do the same as you with the things I make, but sometimes it's nice to keep them for ourselves. I'm glad you did!


debbieo said...

Thanks Laura,
You are very kind. I challenge you to give yourself something you made and dont feel guilty.

McMama said...

Debbie, these are beautiful. I keep saying I am going to make myself some...but never seem to get around to it. Like the hats, I always seem to be making gifts and such. :) Is this multicolored yarn? and do you have a site for patterns you can share? Love ya!

debbieo said...

When I get back from spring break I am going to have a give away for a set of pot holders. REmind me if I forget. Maybe you will win.

loves2spin said...

Yippee! It is so fun to make and give things away, AND I am glad you finally kept something! That's not easy to do!