Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bread failure

Yesterday I mixed up a small batch of no knead bread to try to bake in my thermal cooker. I followed a recipe on a thermal cooking blog. I let the bread rise and placed it in an empty wax cereal liner and placed it in the pot. I put water in the bottom pot and boiled for 10 min. I then placed the boiled water and the bread in the thermal cooker and went to bed. This morning the bread was only half cooked. I think I should have boiled it longer.

Last night I soaked beans for baked beans today. I love Yolanda's baked bean recipe as do all my family. This morning I added all the ingredients for baked beans after I had rinsed the beans a few times. I then boiled the beans on the stove. This time I poured boiling water in the thermal pot while I was boiling the beans. I boiled the beans for about 15 min. Then I poured out the hot water and placed the beans in their pot into the thermal cooker and quickly shut the lid.

At about 4:00 pm I will check the beans and if they are not done I will boil them on the stove for a bit. Once I figure out how to use this thermal pot it should be a good addition to my low fuel arsenal.

I have yet to try solar cooking again but I did buy some turkey bags. That way when I am in the mood to try it I have what I need on hand.

Last week I also bought 16 fireproof bricks to build a 16 brick rocket stove. I need to figure out where I want to put it and build it and try cooking on it as well.

We have a propane stove here in the RV as well as a fairly large toaster oven to cook with. I am trying to learn methods of cooking that use less fuel because we are spending $22.00 per month on propane. I know that is not bad but I would like to learn to use as little fuel as possible. You never know when you will need to know this type of skill.


Yolanda said...

I hope your rocket stove works. Mine did not, but it might have been damp fuel and nothing really wrong with the stove itself. Please take pictures and share the adventure!

debbieo said...

Yolanda, Did you build your stove with bricks or is it one of the metal ones?