Sunday, July 8, 2012


7 lbs. large cucumbers

1 cup lime

1 cup vinegar

Red food coloring

1 TBSP Alum

2 cups vinegar

10 cups sugar

8 cinnamon sticks

1 small package of Red Hots (Brach's Imperials are best)

Peel, seed, and slice cucumbers. Soak in 1 cup lime and 1 gallon water for 24 hours.Drain well and wash several times with clear water. Wash, soak, covered with ice water for 3 hours.Drain.

Mix 1 cup vinegar,

1 bottle red food coloring, i do not use food coloring so i will skip this

alum, and water to cover.

Pour over the cucumbers and simmer for 2 hours.Pour off.

Bring to a boil, 2 cups vinegar, 2 cups water, 10 cups sugar, cinnamon sticks, and red hots. Pour over cucumbers and let stand 24 hours. Pour off syrup and bring to a boil, pour over cucumbers in jars and seal.

I waterbath mine.This recipe is great for those big cucumbers that you can't do anything else with. They are pretty in rings, or they can be made into spears. I do mine in big crocks. I have been lucky to find old crocks around here at auctions. At Christmas, cut material into circles, pink the edges, put on jar with ring, tie ribbons on bottle.Makes nice gifts.

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