Sunday, July 8, 2012

Missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog July 8, 2012

Date: July 8, 2012 7:54:32 AM CDT

The President came and went last weekend in a flurry of helicopters and big meetings.

The 3 men on the team, DON, DAVID, and BRYCE together with Eric’s guidance, made 4000 bricks for our housing project this week with our hydraulic brick press.
KAYLAN VOLLMERING made the most of her last week with us by loving on the children, visiting all our orphan homes, and treating the sick who came to our door. We wish her well as she continues her nursing studies at Concordia University in Austin, TX.
LEONA PHILLIPS flew to South Africa to obtain her residency visa. She will become the newest member of our Balama staff when she returns later this month. I PRAISE THE LORD for Leona as she has worked hard to help with all our programs. I look forward to helping her learn the “rest of the program” once she returns. She is giving a “year of her life” at the moment and will see how God leads her after that.
Don and Bryce will leave tomorrow afternoon for Pemba along with David and Eric for a short snorkel adventure in the Indian ocean before they fly to the USA on Wed. We thank them both for all the wonderful help they gave us with the food buying, construction hauling, and brick making.

David will stay on to give me a hand as “hauler of many things” and all around helper until July 28th.
The Aguas Vivas National Leader, Bishop Chambera, arrived from the home office in TETE Province (near Malawi lake) last Friday for a 4 day visit that is keeping all of us hopping.

He and I taught together at 2 churches in Balama today, and he will be meeting with our entire Pastoral staff tomorrow.

All these visitors are keeping this Bunny and her team hopping at full speed!


After several X-rays, it was found that NO METAL exists in Veronica’s leg. No operation needed!

No one can explain this, and the Doctors in Pemba think she misunderstood the surgeon in Nampula 2 years ago about having put metal to hold her bones together. Since she has no post-op X-rays, she has no proof.

NO MATTER as she is happily back in her home village.

She walked to church this morning with a slight limp, but is doing very well after multiple x-rays could find NO PLATE OR SCREWS in her leg.

Her instructions are to exercise and gain strength.

PRAISE THE LORD for His healing power!

We thank all of you for your prayers for her fast healing.

NONE OF US expected the metal to “disappear”.

That’s our Jesus! Always doing the unexpected.


DALE MEINDERTSMA, from Michigan, will arrive in Pemba on July 18th for a 10 day evangelistic outreach to all corners of our Balama county.

A Jesus Film Showing in Namara village, and many training sessions for our pastors and students in our 3 Bush Bible Schools with be the main emphasis of this outreach.
So stay tuned for further “Bush Bunny Blogs”, as we expect the Lord to move in a mighty wave through the Holy Spirit during these next few weeks, as our evangelism team prays for the multitudes to receive Jesus as the hear GOD’S TRUTH for the first time.

Bush Bunny Brenda and the Balama Team

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