Sunday, July 29, 2012

Missonary update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, Sunday, July 28, 2012

Date: July 29, 2012 2:40:40 AM CDT

DRIVING TEST was really fun! So why am I not laughing?

Our tester has a reputation as a strict guy. When he was passing out tests, he started to hand me a test, and then jerked it back, giving me a different one.

I was the only NON Mozambican in the room so I stuck out like a sore thumb. Even the students were staring at me. The test I had to take was on “Auto-Estratas”-- Multi lane FREEWAYS of all things! They don’t even exists in Mozambique! Of 25 questions, I think I missed 2, but only time will tell. No one knows how many you can miss and still pass. Results are supposed to be out in 2 weeks. So I’ll keep you posted. VERY frustrating to find out that 10 of the 25 questions asked were not even in the study material. GRRRR! Goes the Rabbit!


Please understand that YOU may be the person who knows the one the Lord wants to send.

PLEASE follow His leading if the Lord is asking you to contact someone on our behalf.

We WILL fine sponsors to help with a ticket. The trip will be at GOD’S expense.

I just drove in from Pemba (3.5 hour drive) after dropping off our last 2 visitors at the airport.

Didn’t make church today, but had a refreshing time of praise and worship time with Jesus as I drove home.

My 2 “guards” in the back seat enjoyed the music also. Both are members of our church.


All was NOT going well as we scurried from shop to shop yesterday at the Pemba port, where all the warehouses are. (I call it my SAM’S warehouse, MACRO to all of you in RSA) I was desperate to find baby formula for our 13 babies! The town was basically SOLD OUT, and we had only a 2 weeks supply left.

Many new orphaned babies entered into the program last month, and no one told me our stock was getting low. (I try to keep 3 months ahead of the need because shortages are common in Mozambique.)

We got a few cans here and there, but I needed at least 10 CASES to keep our babies for a few weeks. None of the store owners knew when more formula would be shipped in. We had basically run out of places to look, when I remembered a small “barracka” next to the hardware store I frequent.

A BARRACKA is a small general store, usually in the market place of a town, which is owned and run by a Mozambican. Spotting a few cans of formula on the shelf, I asked to buy all he had. He said he could get me 7 more CASES if I’d wait an hour or so. It took 2 hours and 3 trips to his store before he finally had someone bring the cases from his home. Persistence and perseverance PAID OFF as he found 8 CASES! Just like God to provide more than we asked for via a non-believer.

Our babies will eat well for August, thanks to God’s provision, and your Love Gifts that pay for this precious gift of life.

Lots of Love and REMEMBER to keep your ears/eyes open for the one God is sending to be our truck driver!


Bush Bunny Brenda

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