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Missonary update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, Saturday, July 21, 2012

Date: July 21, 2012 2:21:15 AM CDT

Howdy All!

Our weeks are always full of challenges and this week God added a few unexpected blessings.

There is so much happening, that I’ve decided to split my blogs into a Saturaday report to tell you what’s happened during that week.

The Sunday blog will include what has happened after our Sunday bush meetings.


Carlitos Jorge, our youth pastor in Rovuma village (where our 70+ goats live), was asked to preach a funeral in a very remote village about 22km (11 miles) from his home. I can’t remember the name of the place, so will give that to you next week.

His words touched many hearts that day, causing a handful of people to ask him to come back and tell them more about this “Jesus”.

He came to me the following day, asking for a few liters of gasoline for his motorbike, so he could hold his first meeting with them. I loaded his bike with tracts and Bibles and off he went. SIXTEEN adults showed up to listen to him explain the gospel. All went away with a tract in their hands.

I’ll keep you updated as another “Adventure in the Bush” unveils.


Nelius Franken, a cattle and sheep rancher from the Cape Town area, drove in last night after crossing 150 km (75 miles) of raw bush to get to our mission station. Nelius is a man with a sincere heart for Jesus. He raises funds each year to purchase 1000’s of tracts and Bibles so that God’s written Word is available to the people of Mozambique. His well-equipped truck and trailer visits every remote mission station he can find, in order to gift missionaries with these materials in Portuguese and many tribal languages. Media for Missionaries and Missionary Fields is his ministry name.

We were super blessed by Nelius as this is his 2nd visit to our station in the last 2 years. The gifts he brought will bless many in our 14 Balama churches and 2 Meluco churches.


Dale Meindertsma, a Michigan missionary/evangelist, arrived on Wed. night for his 2nd visit to Balama.

He was amazed to see how fast our Hydrofrom brick houses can be built since the bricks are interlocking and need NO mortar!

Sort of like Man Sized Legos. Tee Hee.

In 2 days, our 18 man work team raised ALL THE WALLS of TWO HOUSES and the lunch room to the 5 ft. (1.5 m) level.

To build the walls, 5040 bricks were hauled to the site thanks to DAVID ABEL, his 6 man team, and our 6 ton truck.

David will be kept busy hauling many more bricks before he is done, as I expect these walls to be COMPLETED and these house ready for roofing by next Thursday (as Wed. is a public holiday).

The work does slow a might when they have to lift these 11lb. (5kg) bricks to the higher levels using scaffolding to reach the peaks of the houses.


Dale as well as our missionary team and Pastors will all be in Namara tonight to who the Jesus Film in the center of a large field.

Since the eastern USA is 6 hours BEHIND us, we know you will get this in plenty of time to pray for people’s eyes to be opened to the truth about Jesus Christ as watch the whole book of LUKE on film tonight.

Our showing starts at 12 noon EST in the USA. (6pm our time)

We plan a follow-up on Sunday morning by inviting all who want to know more to our “under the tree church”.

P.S. Our “Under the Tree” church was almost the SMASHED Tree church last week.

The man who lives in the house across the street from our church property decided to cut down this massive Baobab Tree that sat between his house and our property. The trunk is so huge, that 3 men must link arms to circle the trunk. Why did he want to cut it down? No one knows.

He miscalculated, and instead of falling towards our property, the tree fell straight onto his house!

Fortunately no one was inside the house as it was demolished.

I noticed him “peeking” over what is left of his bamboo fence last weekend to listen to our Bible lesson.

God has shown him a few things about “power”, so our prayer is that he will soon come to Jesus.


Bush Bunny Brenda and the Balama Team

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