Monday, May 20, 2013

Another quilt block trial

I am learning to make quilt blocks and enjoying it.  Here is another block I made as a sample.  Its called a 10 min. quilt block.  It was pretty easy.  I love you tube.  You can learn to do pretty much anything you want to.
You can leave the middle square like it is or turn it in for more of a cathedral window look.  That's what I am going to do.  Fold and sew.
This is the video I used to learn the technique.  I think this is the block I will make for the quilt for our King size bed.  I would just have to decide how to quilt it once its made.

Right now I am putting the binding on the crib quilt I made from the jelly rolls I cut.  I hope to post a picture in the next couple of days.

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