Thursday, May 2, 2013

Missionary update

On Thursday, April 25th, 3 exhausted children dressed in rags followed by a frail granny holding 2 very malnourished babies, limped into our food give out area begging for help. The little boy, Mario, 4 yrs. old, was carried in my his 13 year old aunt, as the ALL NIGHT, 12 mile (20km) walk had exhausted him to the point that his little legs wouldn’t hold his weight. The scene was heart wrenching, knowing that these kids used their last strength to get to us.
Granny Feliciana, told us that she struggled through the rainy season, scavenging food for her own 2 children and her 3 orphaned grandchildren after her daughter died Jan. 5th from an unknown illness. Granny’s field of corn and beans yielded little in March, and she is now desperate for help. All of them are in different stages of malnutrition as well as anemic, and needing deworming.
After getting them registered, they were given a deworming medicine, and outfitted with new clothes, including sweat shirts as the weather is already turning cold here. When the kids got their “hoodies” we saw the first smiles hit their little faces.

Also given were the last 3 blankets we have, plus 3 grass mats, 2 cooking pots, plates/spoons/cups and food, including high protein cereal and formula for both babies for a month. Granny was told she must find a neighbour who can walk the distance to bring in orphan Baby Zinho for weighing every 2 weeks as well as pick up more food for them. She could hardly walk after this last trip, and there is no way she could do it every 2 weeks.

We loaded them up in our pick up and Capena, our office manager, took them to the local market to get them fresh bread rolls and the high protein

“bah-gee-ahs” (fried bean patties) and then drove them home. A package of sugar cookies brought the 2nd smile to their little faces.
This family needs sponsors to help Granny Feliciana, as she has a big job ahead of her if both babies are to survive.

$20/month is needed for EACH baby (the 2nd baby, Joiza is her own child).

Feliciana’s breasts are drying up from malnutrition, but she shares what she has with both babies.

The two orphans, Mario Tamino, 4 years and his Sister Messina, 10 years need sponsors at $30/month each.
Thursday was Baby Day for sure, as 4 other new babies came in needing formula.

One set of twins and 2 other single birthed babies.

This is your Love Gifts at work.

Mario, 4, is far left, then his 13 year old Aunt, and then Granny Felicana holding both 9 month old babies, Joiza on the left and orphaned Zinho on the right.

Feliciana’s son sits to her left and orphan Misssina, age 10 sits at his feet.

BABIES with Granny Feliciana and Mama Brenda

Baby Zinho, 4.2Kg (9.2 lbs) at 9 months of age. (held by Granny since he is so insecure he refused to let go of her.)

Baby Joiza, 4.9 kg (10.78 lbs) Feliciana’s baby held by Brenda


Had 3 baby goats born this week.

One set of twins (boy and a girl), as well as a single birth (male) by a first time “mommy goat” which was slightly pre-mature.

The twins are lively and look like 2 fur balls on springs.

The little preemie goat (1kg or 2.2 lbs) fought to live, but lost the battle last night in his sleep.

We are now at 111 goats total.

Between the human babies and the goat babies, Nurse/Vet BBBrenda has been kept on the HOP!

Know we all love and appreciate what all of you do to help us via prayer and your giving.


Keep those prayers coming, as we still need to locate about 60 tons of beans.

Happy Summer Time to all of you in the USA! Keep cool!

Happy Winter to all my South African friends! Keep warm, as it looks like it could be a super cold one.

Moz. nights are already around 65 F. (20C) That’s really cold for our kids with their light weight cotton clothing.

Time to hunt up sweat shirts and long pants for everone.

Bush Bunny Brenda

Eric Dry

Linda Stanley

And the Balama staff

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