Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My latest sewing projects

 I started off by making my own version of a flannel summer nightgown.  Its basically the pillowcase dress with elastic all around.
 Here are four summer dresses I made to sell at the craft shop.
This is a pillowcase dress I made to sell at the craft shop.  I still need to make the purple bloomers to go with it.
Here are five little summer nightgowns I made for some little girls.  I just need to make two pairs of shorts, two pair boys pajama bottoms and buy some t-shirts and then I will be done with that project.  Hannah said I'd better get done before they outgrow them. I love to sew but I get easily distracted with the next project.  I finally decided that I cannot start anything else until I finish these projects I have started already.
 This is a little reversable dress I made with matching bloomers.  Its the old criss cross back pattern thats been popular for years.  I think I will sell this one at the craft shop too.
This is the back and inside of the criss cross dress.  I think its just adorable.


Jana said...

Very nice!

loves2spin said...

What Jana said... ;)