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Missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, May 8, 2013

Date: May 8, 2013 8:26:57 AM CDT
Eric managed to get a child’s wheelchair for a little ZITO, an 11 year old boy who broke his femur 5 years ago in a soccer game. Due to the lack of any Doctor in Balama county, his leg was never set correctly and healed at an angle. His good leg has atrophied from lack of use, and will no longer support his weight. He struggles with constant systemic Staf. Infections, chronic anemia, and a weak heart. No matter what we do for him, he doesn’t gain much weight. Last year we gave him a set of aluminum crutches, but he was never able to stand due the pain in his good knee when he puts weight on it. His heart is too weak to undergo orthopaedic surgery, even if it was available to him.
Zito happily trades his crutches for his wheelchair.
So today, Zito happily passed on his crutches to one of the ladies in his church who badly needed them. She was badly burned on the back of one leg many years ago and has spent her life hopping around using a walking stick as a crutch. Since no hospital existed then, her leg was allowed to heal with excessive scar tissue in a BENT position. We took her in for a consult, but our Balama Dr. said due to her advanced age and the massive scarring, that the surgery needed would not be possible.

Crutches make our sister smile.
We decided to help them make the best of a difficult situation with the transportation devices we could provide.

Eric gets these items at a hospice store in RSA for little of nothing. The wheelchair cost $25 and the crutches were $10.

I wish we had video of this woman as she figured out her new crutches. When she got the hang of using them, she moved across the church yard at 5 times her normal pace, grinning all the way!

Zito loves his new “wheels” and since his area is hard packed dirt, he’ll be able to visit his friend’s homes that he’s not had access too for some time.

During testimony time at the Namara church, a woman came forward whose life was saved last year, after we took her to the hospital for treatment of advanced chronic Syphilis. She told everyone how the teachings I did on the AUTHORITY OF THE BELEIVER helped her through a crisis last month. Her body started breaking out in sores all over, but she commanded them to go IN THE NAME OF JESUS and all the sores left without any medications. Her skin was perfectly smooth and healthy looking. Teaching church members to use the Word of God is one of our major goals. It was a great encouragement to me to know that all those hours of teaching was taken seriously by some.

Bush Bunny Brenda and Nelson teaching at Namara church.
On Monday I was a bit disappointed as we only received 1.2 tons after opening our gates for public buying (vs. co-op buying in bulk).

BUT TUESDAY turned into a Bean Bonanza like I’ve never seen!
At our Balama warehouse, we received 3 truckloads of beans totalling EIGHT TONS in 8 hours!

Our workers and I were so beat after unloading, weighing and re-sacking all those beans, that we had to drag ourselves out of there at 2pm.

It happened just as God said it would. Everyone has a sack or 2 they can sell, but few have more than that. Four of those 8 tons were hauled in by a man whose business is to go from village to village with his 2 ton truck, picking up produce the villagers want to sell in town. He brought them to us, cause we pay a few pennies more than the local businessmen.
After I went and personally talked to all the road side buyers in Balama, telling them of our kid’s needs, all but 1 agreed to sell their beans to us. This is a FIRST and showed me just how much favour God has given us.

I picked up half a ton yesterday from 2 buyers.

These are the guys who buy the 1 to 10 kg portions that villagers bring in to sell for soap and other personal items. It’s very time consuming taking in these small amounts, and I’m thrilled they agreed to do it for our kids.

Capena passed out 1,060 feed sacks in 7 villages yesterday, that when filled will total 74 tons!

I was amazed that some of these tiny villages, whom we hardly traded with in the past, had this many beans to offer.

It looks like our bean quota of 100 tons will be possible.
As of today, Wed., May 8th, we have 10 tons total in the barn, and over 300 bags waiting to be fetched tomorrow.

These 300 sacks are the “21 miracle tons” from Namara village that I told you about 2 weeks ago.

The church members walked their fields claiming God’s blessings for a 100 fold harvest AND GOT IT!


Bush Bunny Brenda and the Bean Bashing Balama Staff
P S Please continue praying for the Bean Harvest.
Thanks to our Prayer Warriors we will see our barns

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