Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Lonely laundry lady & Humble wife

Lonely Laundry Lady.
I was so excited to read your comment.  I miss you too.  I was thinking of you just the other day wondering how the greenhouse is going and garden and canning and so on.
If you get a chance can you tell me what all you've been up to.  We bought a dozen baby chicks from some Amish folks but 7 of them died within the first 7 hours.  Boo.  Then one more so we are down to just 4.  We heard there are some in Victoria so when we go there on saturday we will see if they have any and if they do I will buy a few more. 

Humble wife ~ my kids were not thrilled when I stopped coloring my hair but I was just plain tired of it and I kept reading about all the chemicals and so on so I just quit.  I had a sneaking suspicion that I had pretty silver hair and I was right.  I just make sure to use the shampoo with the blue color in it made especially for gray hair.  It keeps the yellow out of it.  Now that Ive gone gray I look around and I am sure not the only one.  he he


a8383 said...

Your hair is a BEAUTIFUL color! Angela

Humble wife said...

I am thrilled you stopped as it is nice to find bloggers who are living natural instead of the chemical craze.

You look great. My kids kind of supported me early on and my brother told me I kind of have the paula deen hair color. Not sure but I am who I am.

If I were in my twenties or thirties perhaps I would feel insecure. But now I am looking forward to where I am now and ahead.

take care!!

DD said...

Many Many Many changes happening here! We are actually selling the house and...you'll never guess...bought a 5th wheel and will be living in it for a few years. We really enjoyed the place we bought, however; while we were saving the money to buy the acreage next to us..it sold. The folks who bought it put an older mobile home right on our fence line right beside our house..so we are saving to buy a large acreage and build a home on it. I emailed you several months back but didn't hear back from you so I figured I must have the wrong email.. So very happy for you all on your new home and being settled in! I too love your hair! Its always good to see your smiling face! Send me a new email address and maybe we can stay in touch a bit better!
Lonely Laundry Lady