Thursday, May 30, 2013

PVC projects

Jeff has been wanting a rack to stand beside the washer so shirts and such can be hung to dry instead of put in the dryer.  The dryer wears clothes out so bad.  Anyway I couldn't see paying a lot of money for some flimsy rack so I made one.
Hannah and I partnered up and made some marshmallow shooters.  I made them and she painted them.

The marshmallow shooters are easy to make and require
very few tools.

Hannah painted the shooters outside of course.  She used re bar stuck into
the ground to hold them while she spray painted them. 
We taped off the mouth pieces so no paint got on that part.
Just as a precaution.

I really like the bright colors.  I will attach a tag with instructions
and a snack sized bag of mini marshmallow ammo.
These will be for sale at the Orange Crate.
Next up we are going to make some rain sticks.  I will make them and Hannah will paint them.

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loves2spin said...

I'm impressed! My mom always said the dryer "beats the clothes up."