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Missionary update May 12, 2013

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, May 11, 2013

Date: May 11, 2013 7:39:55 AM CDT



Testing showed that both are suffering from CHRONIC MALARIA, which occurs when you have malaria and don’t get it treated. They were admitted to the Balama hospital immediately on Thursday. This family lived over 12 miles from a hospital. The granny is emaciated and has no energy to carry them. Nor did she have any money to buy the needed medicine when they first got sick 3 months ago, so she didn’t even try.

That is why we moved them into one of our homes near the mission station. The Granny has been nursing both babies, and her body has nothing left to give. Besides trying to save the 6 children, 3 are orphans, she is also carrying for her own mother, who basically needs total care.

Our Balama Doctor estimates the 2 babies have had malaria for 3 out of the 9 months of their little lives. When we saw them 2 days ago, they were in the last stages before death, so we got them to the hospital just in time.

Unlike normal malaria, the symptoms are masked much of the time as it runs in cycles. When they don’t have any fever, which is how we saw them 2 weeks ago, they don’t appear to have malaria. But when they can no longer hold down anything, even milk formula, then that is a sign that the malaria is ready to cycle again.

As of this morning, both are responding well to treatment, and are able to hold down small amounts of food and milk.

I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

SAD NEWS is that at 4:30a.m. today, our head Pastor, Fred, called me to tell me that the doctors managed to save his wife, but lost their baby.

Fred’s wife began to bleed yesterday at noon, (only 8 months pregnant), and was taken immediately to the Balama hospital. The Doctor transferred her to Montepuez Regional Hospital by 3pm, but they were unable to stop her labor. The baby was buried in Montepuez this morning, as Fred’s wife will have to stay in the hospital through the weekend. A body deteriorates rapidly in this heat, as there is no way to preserve it, so the burial has to be immediate.

Keep this family in your prayers, is this is her 2nd miscarriage in the last 18 months.


All the baby goats are doing well, so we dewormed our 30+, 1-3 month olds today, plus our 2 large males who service the herd. (I’ll do all the pregnant mommas next Saturday.)

Elvis, our big daddy goat, got his name because he grows a beard and has a super long MANE,at his topknot, above his eyes. The poor guy could hardly see, he had so much hair covering his eyes, so Mama Brenda was prepared with sharp scissors. Elvis got his first haircut and wasn’t too happy while I was doing it!

I won’t get any awards for this haircut, but at least he can now see. He seemed to like it once we let him go. Guess it gets old trying to find the ladies only by smell. Now he can see how beautiful they are!


Pray for continued favor for the Bean Harvest

We have 38 TONS of beans in the barn, and a “promised” 80 tons in the field.

We’ve given out sacks for that much, but are not sure the people will be able to fill them.

Once the Lord showed us where to look, the flood gates opened!

God is revealing His massive power to provide for his children when all looks bleak in the natural.

Our goal is to have all the beans in the barn by next Saturday.

Processing for long term storage will begin May 20th.


We pray traveling mercies for our Mission Team

Retired Pastor, Buzz SNYDER, TEXAN transplanted to Atlanta, GA

Breanne Brammer, Un. of Missouri

Emma Clifford, Concordia University, Austin, TX

Michele Davis, Concordia University, Austin, TX
From South Africa, we welcome 18 year old Danielle Van Zyl, from the town of Heidelberg. Her parents have their own orphanage called Shalom Children’s Home so Danielle has great experience in working with children of all ages.
This team will be with us till July 31st in order to help get the food into the barn and assist with our children’s programs.

Our thanks goes out to each of them for giving of their time and finances to help us rescue and evangelize in Mozambique.

Bush Bunny Brenda

Eric Dry

Linda Stanley

The Balama staff

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