Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bush Bunny Brenda

DATE: AUGUST 2, 2015
Monday we headed deep into the bush to hand out 9 tons of food in 2 remote areas to complete the feeding of all 1, 800+ orphans and widows in Balama District. When back at base, Manuel' group reloaded his truck for the 9 hr. Drive on Tuesday to Meluco District.
In Meluco, he unloaded the month's supplies for the 500+ orphans, then reloaded with corn and beans to distribute to the 115 children in the Elephant village on his way home the next day.  Arriving home Thursday, his team of 3 helped me with the final work needed to make sure he and Capena had all tools needed to deal with any mechanical problems while I am in S. AFRICA. 
BUSY WEEK is an understatement, as it took a 16 hr. Day on Thursday to get all organized, so I could be in Pemba on Friday.
Now in Pemba, I am tapping this out on my tablet early Saturday a.m. Before flying out. Not sure how often I will be able to access the net while in RSA, but Linda will keep you informed as to the Doc's decision once I have been through all the tests this week.
When released from hospital last week, the family took them home before I had a chance to see them. They were given  enough formula by the hospital to last 2 weeks, so they will be joining our baby support program next week.
All are healthy and doing well, as Pastor Ramadane keeps me updated on their progress. Praise the Lord, for most triplets are born too small and weak to survive in this harsh environment. One key factor was the fast action by Our office manager/driver, Capena, who did the emergency run to fetch the mother when she was in labor.
The 2nd key factor was the great work done by the Balama Dr. Who got the final 2 delivered, as #2 was breach.  We serve a God of miracles who dearly loves children. Much prayer has gone up for Mom and babies, and our Lord has seen them through.  We sent a large bundle of baby clothes to help out, for no matter where you live, raising triplets is expensive. Food was also sent, as this family suffered a poor harvest and was about out of food.
TOGETHER WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE, ONE CHILD AT A TIME, or in this case, 3 children at a time.
Thanks to your faithful love and giving, we are continuing to pass on that love in every way we know how.
THURSDAY was salary day, and all Pastors received the next set of AWANA Bible lessons. They reported great turn outs of 150 to over 300 in their meetings, for the program is attracting whole villages, adults included.  As we near the 2nd coming of our Lord Jesus, the harvest is truly ripe in the 3 districts we serve.
I will be in touch later this week from RSA. Please keep me covered in prayer for a fast recovery from all this.
Bush Bunny Brenda Lange

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