Thursday, August 27, 2015

Walker bag

I was privileged to be invited to a dear friends 90th birthday party.  I wanted to get something for her but at 90 you pretty much have everything you need.  WELL, she called me a couple of days ago and asked if I could make her a new bag for her walker.  Of course I said yes.  She doesn't know it but now I have a useful gift to give her.  I went over to her house and picked up the one she has now and loves but its just worn out to use for a pattern.  I like the way it turned out so much that I am thinking of making a few more to sell.
                                                       This is the front of the bag.
                                                    The straps attach it to the walker.
                                                     There are two large pockets on the outside.
                                                  This is the back of the walker bag.

This is the inside of the bag.  There are two large pockets.
Her party is Saturday.  I will try to get a picture of her with her new bag attached to her walker.

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loves2spin said...

That's great! It's beautiful too. I would never have thought of such a thing. :)