Monday, August 17, 2015

Texas Agri Life Extension Unit

I am vice president and treasurer for our extension unit.  I was just vice president but the treasurer had to move so I took over that job as well.  I have never been treasurer for a club of any sort so I have to learn how to make the monthly reports.  UGH

Today I went out of town to a meeting where we finished up the meeting year books for each of our different units in this district.  There were only three of us plus the county agent.  I guess everyone is busy.

At this meeting we decide on inspirational quotes, thoughts, roll call and hints to put in our yearbooks.  It went very well as those who came were prepared with many items to choose from.
My only request was that the cover be turquoise.  So we will see what we end up with.

In other news: I ordered a life planner July 31st and am still waiting for it to ship.  I wish it would hurry up because I want to begin using it.  I am hoping it will help me organize my days better and do a better job with my house.

I have been trying to cook more.  Its just so darn hot here.  The only thing good about south Texas is the winter.  Its the only time I can stand to be outside for very long.  We quit going to the lakes and beaches to swim because of all the bacteria in the waters.  It seems too dangerous now days.  Also we wont eat fish any more because if the water can kill a person who swims in it, it seems that a fish who lives in it would be unsafe to eat.  That's just my thoughts.  No scientific data of course.

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