Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cloth vs disposables

I think I used about 25 % cloth and 75 % disposables on my 5 daughters. I wish I had used all cloth though. Now days they have such nice cloth diapers. I think the really cool thing now is the diaper sprayer that you hook up to the toilet to rinse out the diapers which could be used as a bidet too. It sure would save dipping your hands in the toilet.

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Humble wife said...

I have never seen the diaper would have been great!! I used cloth on all my kiddos almost 90 percent of the time. Only time I didn't was in transition between military duty stations~Oh and in Germany the cost of using throwaway was too high for us as we paid for garbage, but it had to be sorted-way more than I have ever seen in US. We had a green glass bin, clear glass, paper-to inclue labels and on and on.