Monday, January 16, 2012

This is winter?

I am getting used to winter here in south Texas just as I was getting used to the incredibly hot summer. The weather here is very mild. Last week we had a night that it got down to 29 degrees but it was pretty warm by 10 am. I like that is does warm right back up most of the time.

My rule for doing laundry is that it has to be 50 degrees outside for me to go do a load because I wash outside and then hang my clothes on the clothes line. This morning after I took my shower I wondered how long it would be before it was 50 outside, I looked at the thermometer and it was already 64, ye haw. So I stripped the bed and we will be sleeping on clean sheets tonight. The forecast calls for 80 degrees today so they should dry in plenty of time.

I have been cleaning, sorting, discarding and rearranging our storage shed lately. I brought in a box of cookbooks to go through so that is on the agenda for today. When we sold our house and moved into the camper I went through and discarded as many as I could bear. So it will be interesting to see 15 months later how important I still think each cookbook is. I am hopeful that I can cull a few more. One good thing is that the box is not all that big to begin with so already I did a good job.

Edited at add: Nope, I cant get rid of any of the cookbooks. I have a huge notebook in there bulging that has many of our favorites. I will just have to find shelf space. A girls gotta cook. lol

Yesterday I made a double batch of mayonnaise and then made a huge batch of cole slaw so I could use up the extra Chinese napa cabbage I had in the fridge. There was also a Chinese radish so I grated that up and used it as well. Another thing on my to do list is to clean and sanitize the refrigerator today. I find it amazing how many condiments we use. I also wonder how many of them truly need refrigeration because if there were not so many sauces and condiments the fridge would have a lot more room in it.

Everyone is gone today and I don't even have a car. I wanted to see if anyone would come around here if it looked like there was no one about. I do have my door open so if a person would look they would see that there is indeed someone here. Also I am doing laundry so I will be in and out of the house all through the day. All of our neighbors work or are not around much. I think a few doors down the lady doesn't work but I think she stays at their stix and brix home in another town most of the time.

I said something to Jeff the other day about having a friend and he said, friends are overrated. I agree as long as you have family. I am happy that we have three of the five girls still at home with us, even though they are a few feet away in another camper. I hope they stay close to us for a long time. Of course they have to until they get out of school but I see no reason why they cant go to college close by and work close by as well. There is no reason for them to move far away and be all alone.

Kaleena and Justin got Internet last week and downloaded skype and bought a camera for their computer so now we can skype. They had never done that before and I think they think its pretty neat. I like being able to see Kastyn, it helps me stay closer to her and Kaleena and Justin as well. The very best thing about it is that as long as you have a computer, a camera, either built in or as an add on and Internet, its free. Its like a video conference that is free. You can pay a fee and do a three way or more call if you want to. Or if you just all want to talk and not see each other you can do that for free with more than two people. We skype church every Sunday and some Wednesdays. Then after we skype church we have our own prayer time.

Did I ever tell you that I like to tune in to either the audio bible or a bible lesson and listen to that while I do my work? It helps me learn more about the scripture or current events while I am doing other things.

I guess I better hop to it. Take care and have a great day.


Humble wife said...

Debbie-it is lovely out lately. I can't believe our weather, but I recall last February we were hit with a doozy!

As to friends. I too, am the only one home out in my area-granted my neighbors are father apart. But all of our marriage we have lived in neighborhoods where I was the only one home.

I find that friends may not always be in person, but more kind of those that are likeminded. I would like to believe that for me, the internet has allowed me to connect with other women like myself, that are home-and no longer feeling as if we are the only ones.

I have decided your post has made me hungry and I am wondering if I have the makings for coleslaw!?!

Have a great day my friend

loves2spin said...

Jeff's idea aside, it is awfully nice to have a friend that lives close by. Do you not have a Church family there? I live far away, but I am your friend.

debbieo said...

Jennifer and Yolanda and my other internet friends. I do consider you my friends and am very thankful you. I should have mentioned that in my post.
Thanks for reminding me.