Wednesday, January 11, 2012

No spend week

This week I signed up for a no spend week. So far I have done pretty good. I did spend $10.00 on Monday and then felt remorse so I am not going to spend any more money this week unless there is a good sale on something we use at the grocery store.

This morning I made a batch of soft butter. Whip one pound of butter then slowly drizzle in one cup of olive oil and then one cup of water. This triples the volume of the butter and makes it more spreadable. If you keep it in the fridge it does get hard but softens quickly. I usually put it in two containers and keep one on the counter and one in the fridge. I feel like this at least doubles how long butter lasts for our family.

I also got an order for 4 feed sack tote bags and one feed sack purse. I have some ideas in my head on how to make a lining for the purse with pockets. I will let that stew around my head for a while, while I sew the four tote bags. The more I think about something the more ideas I come up with pertaining to that idea.

Today its going to be warm and dry so I have a load of wash in so it can dry before the rains start again. Here in south Texas winter weather is rain. I really do like the weather here. I just have to figure out the gardening cycles. I should have planted garlic and onions in December I guess. There should also be greens growing large and cabbage as big and beautiful as ever.


Brenda said...

No spending sounds like a fun challenge.
We lived in North TX for several years many years ago, after living in CO all my life. I enjoyed it, but did miss the snow. I do remember having a few horrible ice storms. I may gripe about the cold and snow here but am so enjoying living back home in beautiful CO!

loves2spin said...

I don't think it's too late to plant garlic there where you are. Every year is going to be different and you will get something. If the bulbs don't get big enough, just leave them in the ground! They will send up new growth and keep growing!

Humble wife said...

I live almost a no spend life! lol

I love making the soft butter like this.