Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary Jeff

Today is our wedding anniversary. I am so happy to be married to Jeff. I hope we have loads more years together.

One of my goals this year is to make as much of our bread as I can. I am interested to find out how much flour and yeast this will entail for a years worth of bread. I make pretty good bread but its not outstanding. Maybe if I made it all the time I would get really good at it. We will see.

This morning Jeff made oatmeal for breakfast and flushed the black and gray tanks. He has to flush the tanks about twice a week. I am so thankful that he does that for us.

He is also doing the laundry. Upon further discussion we are not absolutely sure we will be able to move the washer because of where water and electricity is located by our rv. We will have to wait and see if it works out. If it doesn't work out I will just have to start hauling hot water to the washer. Ick

Monday I want to make a batch of grape jelly. My family sure loves grape jelly and we go through it quite fast. I am sure its cheaper to make it than to buy it so I will have to start making that more often as well as bread.

Its a beautiful day once again and we have the door open to the fresh air. People told me I would like the winters here and now I know why they said that.

On a sad note: This week two saints have gone home to be with Jesus. I guess its only sad for us and a great joy to them. On Wednesday one of Joy's bible college professors finished his fight against cancer and went home and then on Thursday a dear friend from the Hardesty church went home after a long and fulfilling life. I will sure miss brother Buford. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I know his family will be in deep pain and I pray that God will ease their hearts. Life rushes on doesn't it?

Joy and Mollie are sure liking their jobs. The only problem is, is that there are not enough trustworthy workers and so they end up working quite a lot. The boss is great but she can only work so much too. I guess I didn't realize how few people there are out there who know how to work and can be trusted. I praise God that he led us to raise our girls to be workers and to be honest. Now if Hannah could find a job that is very part time she could earn some money. With her being 15 its harder for her to find work. She doesn't turn 16 until August.

Oh it looks like my bread dough is ready to be punched down and formed into loaves so I better get to it. Have a great day.

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Humble wife said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!

May you have a wonderful day filled with lots of laughter and love!