Sunday, January 29, 2012

Its a beautiful Lords day today

This morning is was cool in the 40's but it warmed up nicely. Before church I made a batch of kaiser rolls and a batch of cinnamon rolls.

Right in the middle of church our connection went out, bummer, it was a really good sermon. Christina said it was recorded so we can listen later, that's good. Hopefully tonight we will get to hear the whole sermon.

This afternoon I made the spinach lasagna I posted about a few days ago. It sure looks good.

The family wants to start eating more vegetarian meals to hopefully get our weight down so I will be researching recipes. Then as soon as we can get in the garden I want to get a bunch of greens planted so we can shop from the garden. I sorted my seeds and the only thing I am out of is cilantro so I will pick up a few packages of that. I have plenty of lettuces, spinach and herbs and radishes. I am going to try to grow romaine and head lettuce along with leaf lettuce. Some wilted lettuce sounds good right now.

Oh I noticed one of my hit counters I have had on here for a while hit over fifty thousand. Can you believe it? I think only forty thousand were me, no not really I have it set not to count me when I come here.


Humble wife said...

I am mostly a vegetarian. I am able to confess this as you shared you wish to do so. I just don't like to eat meat. Nothing against this, I don't. So I make most meals veggie and regular so I have a serving...and the rest have it with meat.

I eat tons of beans and them in so many ways. Another thing I do is eat all kinds of beans...legumes. Chickpeas, lentils, black beans, navy, red, kidney, and of course pinto bean.

I try new things all the time to keep me happy-crazy I do like new things~at my age!!

I always believe it is not about weight loss as much as healthy foods going in. I do not buy into the body image set by the media. We must start where we are and accept by augmenting towards health. I basically have removed all processed foods for me. I may never be skinny, but I am very healthy and that is the key.


loves2spin said...

The counter is so fun. I just saw there was me in Indiana, someone in California and someone.... uh, can't remember, but it's interesting. And you have several hits from Africa too! I don't think I ever had that. That is nice that you are planning to incorporate more vegetables into your meals. I hope your crops do very well this year.