Friday, January 6, 2012

Moving the washer

After writing about washing in cold water and Yolanda's comment and Jeff and I talking, we decided to move the location of our washer. Right now its beside the girls camper and their camper dosent have an outdoor shower but ours does. We talked about it and decided to move the washer to the side of our camper so we can just use the hose from that to get hot water. We will have to walk about 10 more feet to get to the clothes line but it will be worth it.

Sometimes it just takes me a long time to figure out simple things.

It was a beautiful 74 degrees out today and even at 6pm I have the door and window open and the fan blowing in fresh air. I love living in this warmer climate, now if I can just get the planting thing figured out.

Today I was able to sew two feed sack tote bags and make a new apron for myself. I got the fabric on clearance so the apron cost me $1.22. I also made myself a pattern for my aprons so that each time I want to make a new one I can now use the paper pattern instead of using my old apron for a pattern. I am moving on up baby, newspaper pattern, hot water to wash clothes and all.

One of the girls said except for the clothes I am practically Amish. They are so silly.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. Jeff wants to go to Victoria to look for new shoes for him. He likes Roper shoes. They seem to fit him the best so once or twice a year we get him a pair and he hasn't had a new pair for almost a year so he is due for one.

We also got a gift card that we are going to spend on a meal at a restaurant. Maybe Olive Garden.

May your weekend be full and fun and may God bless you and your family.

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loves2spin said...

Many happy returns to you and your dear husband! I'm glad you can wash in hot water now and that you made an apron pattern. Have a wonderful, memorable day!!