Sunday, January 15, 2012

missionary update

Went to Pemba on Wed. to fetch Linda Stanley, now returning for her 3rd year of service with us in Balama.
Two young ladies, Joy Blom and Monica Lombard, from South Africa also joined us that day for a 90 day stay to help Eric with his Christian Radio programs and Linda with the children’s programs.
We planned to leave Thursday morning to return, but Eric woke up to the heavy pounding of rain on his roof at 4a.m.
By 10 a.m. the sky had dumped 3+ inches (80 mm) of rain in Balama!
Needless to say, we would not travel to Balama that day, as the mud holes and multiple low water crossings on the last 30 miles (60Km) of that road would be a hazard waiting to happen.
At 9a.m. our plans suddenly changed, as the Administrator of Meluco County needed to see me on important matters before I left the country on the 17th.

A 3 hour drive into the bush, meant we ran to the grocery story, grabbing sandwich food and bottled water, and were on the road to Meluco in 15 minutes.
By Noon, my tiny tour group had seen many miles of African bush sprinkled with a few baboons and a lot of Elephant dung!
Elephants like to walk the roads at night, as it is their “sidewalk” and much easier than weaving through the tightly knit trees.

Our meeting went well and then we were off for the 3 hour drive to Montepuez, arriving at dark.
Due to all the mud holes, it is not safe to drive the Balama/Montepuez road at night, so we found a “sleep house” and bedded down as another hard rain hit the area.
An early start the next morning saw us safely in Balama by 6:30a.m.
ALL OF US were relieved to be home, and THE BEAR, Eric Dry, met us with hugs all around!

Joy and Monica learned first-hand that day that missions means FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY.
You do what it takes to get the job done.
To be prepared in the bush, means you not only need a plan B, but better have a plan C if you want to handle each day’s challenges.

Jesus was with us every step of the way, and we PRAISED THE LORD for 4 wheel drive as we splashed through many a mud hole in that last 30 miles.


I will leave Balama (and e-mail) behind on Jan. 17th to make sure I can get through to Pemba for my flight on Jan. 18th.
I’ll be in South Africa for a week, arriving in Houston on Jan. 26th.
Email will be difficult to obtain during that week in South Africa, so I doubt I’ll be able to answer anyone till the 27th.
If you have an urgent question, please contact our office at

Below is my updated speaking schedule with the additions in red.


January 29, 9a.m. UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Garwood, TX
January 29, 11a.m. ROCK ISLAND FULL GOSPEL CHURCH, Rock Island, TX

Feb. 2, 8a.m THE MASTER’S SCHOOL, Student Chapel, San Marcos, TX
Feb. 2, 11a.m., San Antonio private meeting
Feb. 2, 2:30pm Concordia University Nursing Students, Austin, TX

Feb. 3, 7pm. PUBLIC MEETING, Masters School, San Marcos, TX
Feb. 5, a.m. service, NORTHPOINT CHURCH, New Braunfels, TX
Feb. 5. 7pm Seguin First Baptist Church, Seguin, TX

Feb. 7-9, Wichita Kansas—meetings to be announced
Feb. 12, a.m. service New Life Fellowship, Waco, TX
Feb. 13 to 19, TULSA, OK area

Feb. 14, LIVE BROADCAST, Noon to 1p.m. on Oasis Radio Network, Broken Arrow, OK

Feb. 17, APOSTOLIC FAITH BIBLE SCHOOL, Baxter Springs, Kansas
Feb. 19, a.m. service, TULSA CHRISTIAN CENTER, Owasso, OK

Feb. 20-24 Missouri, meetings to be announced
Feb. 29, 7pm, EVANS BAPTIST CHURCH, Evans, LA

March 4, FAITH COMMUNITY CHAPEL, Leesville, Ohio
March 17th, Reception, 7pm, Laporte, TX (contact our office for details)
March 22nd, Dallas, TX, private meeting
March 25, 11a.m. GRACE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, Flint, TX (near Tyler)

2012 will be a busy and exciting year, and I look forward to visiting all of you on the above schedule!

Blessings, and keep me in your prayers as I will travel over 10,000 miles just to get from Balama to Houston.

Bush Bunny Brenda

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