Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grinding my own burger

Several months ago we purchased a meat grinder.  So far we had not had the need to use it.  I got to figuring and it was cheaper to grind my own burger than to buy it already ground and it would be fresher.  The other day I bought boneless beef ribs on sale and froze them.  When they were partially thawed Mollie cut them up to fit the grinder and we ground our own burger.  We then made hamburgers and then today after church we had meat loaf.  It really is better than the stuff from the butcher.
I like the meat from the butcher better than the supermarket and this is better than from the butcher.  It just gets better and better.


loves2spin said...

That's great! My husband got a deer this past season (his first) and I bought a grinder attachment for the kitchenaide mixer and we turned it into burger. So nice to have! Do you get a good price this way?

val said...

We just ground a batch on my Kitchen Aid & made meatloaf with it. It was the best!