Monday, February 18, 2013

Missionary update

They were in church today and seemed perfectly happy.

Eric told me that their rescue took place in a thunderstorm, so everyone was wet!
It has rained for over 31 hours now, only stopping for 15 minute intervals every now and then.
The Montepuez River which crosses the road to the 3 Mango Tree churches in the Mavala area, was 300 meters out of its banks.
The water is 4 feet OVER THE TOP of the bridge.

Pastor Alberto had to turn back this morning, as he was supposed to preach in the Mpaca church today.
Our prayer is that these heavy rains will not damage the corn and bean crops, as the men and women who grow the food that benefits our orphans live in this area.
These people's lives depend on their crops. Not only to sell to meet their needs, but to EAT, as there is no agency in our area who gives food to those who's crops fail for whatever reason.
IN THE NAME OF JESUS, we command the rains to fall in moderation and not drown the crops!
Let the SUNSHINE bless the earth and the SON of GOD SHINE and bless those crops!

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loves2spin said...

I'm SO glad for the wonderful news!