Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Missionary update

From: "Brenda Lange"

Subject: Blog, Feb. 4, 2013

Date: February 4, 2013 6:00:14 AM CST


Eric has been in contact with me during this last week as 10 days of rains has caused some destruction among our widows homes.

One widow and her child had to be moved to a spare home on higher ground because so much water passed around her house that the walls cracked and were threatening to fall in.

The flooding was so intense in that area, that Eric had our workers knock down the walls before someone was hurt by falling mud bricks.
The Triplet’s home was also damaged by rivers of water flowing around it, as the ditching to prevent problems was not adequate to control such a large amount of water.

They also were moved to an alternate home so our brick layers could begin repairs today. Only 1 corner of this home was affected and can be repaired since the tin roof stands independent of the mud brick walls.

Keep them in your prayers, as too much rain not only damages homes, putting people in jeopardy, but it DESTROYS THE FIELDS OF CORN AND BEANS which all of us depend on for our yearly food.

Two sets of twins and 2 single births were recorded last week with all mama and baby goats doing fine. This brings our total to 96!
Our 5 member board met on Saturday to hear my report of last year’s accomplishments, and to discuss and approve the 2013 program.
Our biggest challenge is finding more help as Leona Phillips decided to return to her family.
We praise the Lord that Linda Stanley has returned to be with Eric so he is not alone during the rainy season.
Please keep missionary helpers as well as love gifts for our children in your prayers. The economic decline has caused a decrease in our monthly donations.
Our prayers are for FULL BARNS so we can feed the children, and finances to support our children’s program with includes the 14 Pastors preaching the Gospel in our 19 bush churches.

We serve a BIG GOD and with your prayers of agreement, we eagerly await God’s powerful solution to this challenge.


NOTE: The new DVD update of our 2012 work is now available for viewing from our website as well as on U-TUBE. Go to orphansunlimited.org, and click on the U TUBE button and watch the video. I’ll be showing this DVD where ever I speak, but we wanted all who can’t make it to the meetings to share in our joy at what God helped us to accomplish in 2012.

This week is the San Antonio, TX area tour.

I will speak in 5 cities this week. ( San Antonio, Sequin, San Marcos, Austin, and New Braunfels).

Check out my speaking schedule on our website: www.orphansunlimited.org or contact my office for details if you’d like to come to one of these programs.

I look forward to visiting with many of my friends at one of these locations.


Bush Bunny Brenda on tour

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