Thursday, February 14, 2013

Super yummy peanut butter breakfast bars

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 Jeff likes to grab a granola/breakfast/type bar in the morning on his way out the door.  The girls and I like to have one now and then as a snack.  They are not cheap so it adds up.  I thought to myself that I should be able to make some that taste ever bit as good as the ones we buy and be much cheaper.  So I set out to find a recipe that you didn't have to cook and that sounded like it would taste good.
     Well guess what.  I think Ive found it.
I made this recipe and left out the flax seeds it called for as well as the slivered almonds because I just didn't have any.  I put them in the fridge to harden up and then packaged them.  They are so very good.
Here is the recipe I used.

1 1/2 c. peanut butter
3 T. honey
3 t. vanilla
I seldom measure anything but these are what the recipe calls for.  Put that in a bowl and melt it for about 40 seconds in the microwave.
Then stir it up.  Next add about 2 cups of oatmeal.  If you think it needs more then go ahead and add some more.  I also added about 1/3 cup raisins and about 1/2 cup freeze dried blueberries.
When I thought it was about right.  I wet my hands and pressed it into an 8 X10 pan.  I then put the bars.  I wanted them to be much bigger than the store bought ones so I cut them about twice that size.
Then I placed them in the fridge.  After a couple of hours I took them out, cut them again and placed them in individual baggies.  The snack size would work great but I ran out of them so I used sandwich size.  I'm going to keep mine in the fridge because they tasted real good cold.  There is nothing in them that would be bothered by keeping them in the cabinet but its hot here most of the time and I thought they would fare better in the fridge.
You can any kind of dried fruit you like.  Just chop it up if its not little bites.
If you want an easy to make and easy on your budget oatmeal bar give these a try.

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