Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meals using canned meat

  • I can a lot of meat so I need to have lots of menus that use canned meats. Here are a few of my ideas for using different canned meats. Having canned meats is like fast food.

  • chicken and noodles

  • chicken and dumplings

  • chicken salad

  • chicken quesadillas

  • chicken Alfredo

  • bar-b que chicken (just tear the chicken up and heat with sauce)

  • garden salad with chicken pieces

  • chicken, rice & broccoli casserole

  • beef and noodles

  • stew

  • bar-b-que beef

  • pork chili (this is my favorite, I just open a can of pork chunks, drain, add some salsa, heat and eat on a tortilla)

  • bar-q-que pork

  • bacon ~I either just unroll the parchment paper and lay on a baking sheet and cook that way or I peel it off and fry it up in a pan. When I do it that way it tends to crumble so it turns into bacon bits. I then use the bacon the same way I would if I fried it from the package. Oh and after its canned it only takes about 3 minuted to cook.

Do you have recipes using canned beef, pork or chicken? Leave me a comment. I love new recipes.


Yolanda said...

OOOOOOOOooooooo!!! Thank you for the lovely list of ideas!

Yolanda said...

So, let me understand, if you fry the canned bacon it gets too crumbly? So, it's better to do it in the oven?

debbieo said...

When I tried to peel the meat off the parchment it sorta crumbled. So when I fried it it crumbled more. But when I just unrolled the parchment and put it on a baking sheet and baked it I ended up with whole pieces of bacon. I used thick sliced bacon to begin with and I cut each slice in half to fit into the jar. If I had used regular or thin sliced bacon I think it would have been a real mess. Also you have nice canned bacon greese in the jar to use however you want to.