Thursday, April 7, 2011

Staying put

  • Jeff and I have decided not to continue our land search. With the times like they are we decided to wait a year or so and see how things pan out. There is a huge oil and gas boom here so land prices have skyrocketed. We want to see what happens after all the initial workers move on to the next place. Will prices stay high or level out?

  • One good reason not to continue with the search is the relatively low rent which includes all utilities and the fact that we have lots of freedom and space. Also that they are allowing us to plant a garden.

  • We also have our clothes line planted and our wringer washer outside by the 5th wheel. This saves lots of money.

  • A new guy moved in today and I told him we hang our clothes outside and he said oh there is so much dust. I cracked up. I told him there was no dust here, and that we came from the panhandle of Oklahoma and that is a dusty place and we hung our clothes out then. He agreed it was much dustier there than here.

  • I just read on the yahoo news that the Oklahoma panhandle has not been as dry as it is now since 1921. That's pretty amazing since they were a huge part of the dust bowl of the 1930's.

  • Jeff's boss said his brother in law will come and roto-till the garden space for us. I just need to get with the owner to see exactly where they want us to put the garden. We will be much later than others who already have their gardens up a foot or more but in this climate I think we can garden most of the year.

  • This will also give us time to completely knock out our remaining debt. We paid off over $150,000.00 worth of debt when we sold our home in Oct. but we still have some remaining. We are going to sock it to the debt and do it with gazelle intensity. Dave Ramsey fans will know what that means.

  • Also Joy will graduate Bible college in May and plans to move to this state to continue her education. We have to figure out what that means for our family. Do we buy a travel trailer? Should she live on campus? Rent an apartment? Decisions to be figured out.

  • I am almost done getting tags and licenses switched and will be glad to be done with that.

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