Saturday, April 9, 2011


  • When my oldest daughter, Brooke was a little girl she jumped off the wood pile and cut her knee. She ended up with 3 stitches. Of 5 girls she is the only one who ever had to get stitches.

  • Joy is the only daughter to break a bone. She fell on her wrist playing ball in about 7th or 8th grade. She said she heard it snap. Ick.

  • Thursday, Shelby, Brookes 7 year old daughter jumped off the porch into an aquarium and sliced her leg open on her shin clear to the bone. She isn't very big so the cut goes almost from knee to ankle. Luckily her mom and dad both knew to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. It probably took both of them to do it too. They ended up taking her to the emergency room and she got 3 stitches inside and 12 on the outside.

  • Brooke called and told me about it and then she sent a picture. Oh my. It looks awful.

  • I am glad I am past those days of child rearing. I don't think I could take it any more.

  • I have five daughters and so far I have two granddaughters. It looks like we are just starting the next generation of bumps, bruises and stitches.

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