Thursday, April 7, 2011

Neat top bar hive

I have been interested in top bar hives for a while now although I don't have any hives of any kind. I do like to read about them and if I ever get the chance I will know a tiny bit about being a bee keeper. Anyway this came in my email from Instructables and I think its pretty neat. For instructions go here:


Yolanda said...

Oh! THANK YOU!!!! I have been wanting to do a top bar hive for some time now, and wanted to keep bees for many years, and thought I'd never get to. Maybe this will help me reach that goal. I am SO excited!

debbieo said...

David Sifford just built a wooden top bar hive. His blog is listed on my right side bar.
You can find free instructions online or try this one. I hope you get to have bees. That would be so cool.

Yolanda said...

Thank you!