Friday, April 1, 2011

Organizing my land search

  • In the area we now live are many, many small towns. Some only have a few homes and no business but have town names none the less. In order to organize my land/home? search I have come up with a way to keep track of where I have been, where I want to go and likes and dislikes.

  • I re purposed a small 3 ring binder. One of those that is about 5X7 or so and listed addresses and descriptions of homes. At the top of each page I wrote the town name. I then list the addresses below on that page with price, acreage and any other particulars I want to remember. I also write down how many bedrooms and bathrooms there are if there is a home on the property. Did I like something particular in the photo's? I note it if I did. Price per square foot and the like.

  • When I actually see the place I have listed I make notes and personal observations. For example a lot I looked at yesterday was advertised as 10 lots. In my opinion if it was 10 lots they were extremely small. Like 20-25 feet wide. I do not yet know what is considered normal for a lot in this area. Where I am from a lot is usually 50 X100 to 150 feet. Most of the time 150 feet.

  • This method will also help me to keep from looking at the same place twice unless its a place I want to see again. It also helps me organize my thoughts on areas I like or don't like.

  • One of my goals is to find a place that will allow Jeff not to spend too much time driving to and from work. The company allows a certain distance and pays for gas and provides a pick up but who wants to spend more time than necessary driving?

Do you have hints to make my search easier????

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Yolanda said...

I don't have any hints. Just do the best you can and pray. Your notebook sounds good.