Wednesday, April 27, 2011

up date on no spending week

The other day I bought ice for .94 and it got me to thinking I should invest in ice cube trays and make my own ice. I spent $3.25 on 6 ice cube trays. It takes almost 3 days to make ice in our tiny freezer. This morning we are defrosting the freezer to see if it helps the process.

I have also bought two packages of ice pops which are not a necessity and 9.00 worth of bread and produce. The produce could be counted as a necessity but is it really? I am going to say no and count it in my spending.

Total spent so far this week
ice .94
ice cube trays 3.50
produce and bread 9.00
ice pops 5.00
total so far on my no spending week 18.44.
I am not giving up though. While this is not a no spending week it is way better than I usually do. I am going to keep trying.

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Yolanda said...

About the only way I can NOT spend money is to stay home. Of course... then there's the internet! Good luck with all of this. I'm sure you can do it!