Friday, June 3, 2011

Another young life snuffed out too early

My youngest daughter's 16 year old cousin was babysitting this past Saturday night. Apparently she drove to the job. The people she was babysitting for gave her booze. She hit a parked road grader on her way home. The young girl was there for at least three hours with two broken legs and numerous other injuries both internal and external before she was found.

She was taken to the hospital where she was in critical condition.

Yesterday, they placed her in a medically induced coma and she wasn't expected to live through the night. Sadly, she died at about2:30 am this morning.

I had not seen this young lady for many years so I know practically nothing about her except that she is the oldest child in that family.

I don't understand why grownups act so irresponsibly with kids. She may or may not have begged and pleaded for just one drink but that is no reason for a supposed adult to give a child mixed drinks. They said she was drunk so she must of had more than one drink, or maybe one drink is enough to get you drunk when you are 16. It doesn't matter either way. The child is dead and she was drunk when she left the job.

I bet there will be repercussions for the adult who gave her the mixed drinks (s).

Such a sad story. I pray my girls never are tempted to do this kind of thing.

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Yolanda said...

Oh no. I am SO sorry to hear this. That poor girl.